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Our clinic established the Mo Fei Zhi Medicine and Yi Inheritance Studio on March 9, 2024. In addition to daily consultations, it also undertakes the inheritance of Chinese medicine cardiology and psychology and photon Chinese medicine, and assists in training young Chinese medicine practitioners to become Chinese medicine specialists.

Organized by the Hong Kong Society of Chinese Medicine for heart disease:

Free EKG Program

Chest tightness, palpitations, shortness of breath, headaches and other discomforts are common precursor symptoms of cardiovascular disease, but they are often ignored. In order to raise the public's awareness of the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases , the soceity has co-organized with designated Chinese medicine clinics to launch a free static electrocardiogram screening program to screen for hidden cardiovascular disease patients in the community, prevent the disease, detect it early, and treat it early.

Doctors at designated Chinese medicine clinics have obtained the Diploma in Electrocardiogram and Clinical Application of Chinese and Western Medicine and the Diploma in Chinese Medicine Cardiology, and will conduct examinations and analyses for qualified persons.


Working hours

Monday: 10:00 - 18:30

Tuesday: 10:00 - 18:30

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 10:00 - 18:30

Friday: 10:00 - 18:30

Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00

Sunday and Public Holidays : Closed

A friend introduced Dr. Ma to me. He has been my family doctor for more than 10 years. My cough has troubled me for more than 30 years. I would cough all the time in autumn and winter. I never thought that he could cure my cough.
And it is more effective than taking dapoxetine for treating headaches.
I had a stroke more than a year ago. I was always afraid of acupuncture, but now I have started to accept acupuncture treatment from him.
I didn't expect that he not only prescribed good medicine, but also had strong acupuncture skills. Every needle was in place. Now my hands and feet are back to normal. I will continue acupuncture for health care~
I have known Dr. Ma for some time and I admire his constant pursuit of learning and innovation. His efforts have benefited us. I hope he will continue to excel and become an elite among the elites in the medical field.
Dr. Ma is very attentive to every patient. Every time I go to the clinic, he listens carefully to my questions and gives me fair advice. He can help me feel better immediately when I am in a bad mood. From the time I did not have a child to now having two children, even my child's eczema has improved greatly (no eczema in the past year), and I am no longer so afraid of cold.
# All the members of my family are equine physicians.
# whatapps Ask an emergency question and get an answer.
# I haven’t seen a western doctor for a long time.
# A conscientious and caring doctor.
The COVID-19 pandemic was serious. When we learned that some relatives and friends had been infected in early February, we started taking Dr. Ma's antiviral flu prescription for prevention. Two weeks later, one of the family members was infected. Since there were only two rooms in our family of six, we could not completely isolate the patient. In addition to paying extra attention to cleanliness, eating at different tables, and wearing masks, we also asked Dr. Ma to prescribe Chinese medicine for everyone, on the one hand to provide treatment for the patient, and on the other hand to improve the resistance of the remaining five people. It is possible that the patient had started taking the antiviral flu prescription before he was infected, so the condition was only very mild, with only a low fever for one night, mainly coughing, sputum and runny nose, and the appetite was not affected too much, and the body was not uncomfortable. About 10 days later, the rapid test was negative. The most surprising thing was that the remaining five people in the family (including my grandmother in her seventies) were not infected and got through the difficulties smoothly.
I am very grateful to Dr. Ma for his concern for us throughout the whole process. He asked about our situation every once in a while and was very caring about us. He also answered our questions and concerns seriously and patiently. He is a good doctor with great medical ethics and cares for his patients. I praise him very much!

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